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To what extent are you “Knowledgeable” about the water you ingest?

Proper hydration is vital for managing our daily health. 

Human survival relies on the availability of water for drinking, cooking, cleansing, and other essential purposes. This pure and natural resource serves as the foundation of our basic needs.


Despite that, how much do we
understand about
the water we drink?

Pure water is the world's most essential health resource.

Everyday drinking water contains a range of harmful chemical substances, pesticides, and elements that can negatively impact human health in unseen ways.

The purity and mineral composition of water play a critical role in various bodily functions, including brain functioning, immunity, digestion, hydration, and more

Purity Redefined, Alkaline Water about the water you ingest?for Optimal Health

Alkaline water is defined by its pH value and mineral content, which determines its acidity or alkalinity on a scale of 0 to 14. 

Water becomes more acidic as its pH value decreases and more alkaline as its pH value increases. 

Voter with higher alkaline properties has the ability to neutralise acidic elements in the body, thereby promoting better health and wellbeing.

Alkaline ionized water has become increasingly essential!
This highly antioxidant and micro-clustered water is crucial because it…

Alkaline Ionized Water For daily cooking and drinking

Acidic Water For enhancing beauty and skin care

Purified Water For baby food and medication

Sanitised Water For cleansing tableware and maintain germ-free environment

Purity Redefined,Water of exceptional purity, meeting JIS Japan Standards, Eliminates 20 types of impurities

Exceptional filtration capabilities with extended filter life in the industry.


  1. Soluble lead
  2. Free residual chlorine
  3. Turbidity
  4. Chloroform
  5. Bromodichloromethane
  6. Dibromochloromethane
  7. Bromoform
  8. Total trihalomethane
  9. Trichlorethylene
  10. Tetrachloroethylene
  11. (Mold smell) 2-MIB
  12. (Pesticide) CAT

  1. Iron
  2. Aluminium
  3. Carbon Tetrachloride
  4. Benzene
  5. Phenols
  6. Anionic Surfactant
  7. Cis, Trans 1.2 dichloroethylene
  8. Geosmin
Quench your thirst with 10 selectable water options at hand